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Natasha a.k.a Mrs. Kroos (sorry Jessica Farber, I am da real Mrs. Kroos, the authentic Mrs. Kroos lmao jk). I edit a lot and I gif a lot too. Sorry if my edits aren't too good lol sorry not sorry bitches. Eden Hazard and Olivier Giroud also Marco Reus are my sidechickas

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This blog will be 97% Toni Kroos and 3% Others [well maybe more idk] I can't say this is a Toni Kroos blog since I always post any other things here but well, let's say this is a Toni Kroos blog when you click that Toni Kroos under my sidebar pictures. LOL. Don't send hate to me because I'll probably reply with weird gifs lol

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My Queue runs in 2:00 AM until 4:00 AM
I will be seldom online during the weekdays because of university. I will often online on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday because I don't have class at those days.

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I am a very easy to get bored person, So I will really appreciate it if you want to talk to me! I love to talk to new people and make friends! ask me! I won't bite! :)
But sometimes Tumblr kinda eat my messages. For real. they eat my messages! I MAKE GIFS AND EDITS I WILL TRY TO BE UPDATE THE GIFS LMAO.kbye


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Fandom List


Other than Chelsea FC, Borussia Dortmund and Germany NT players, I also like these men

Olivier Giroud ❀ Jack Wilshere ❀ Zlatan Ibrahimovich ❀ Cristiano Ronaldo ❀ Iker Casillas ❀ David Luiz ❀ Juan Mata ❀ Claudio Marchisio ❀ Aaron Ramsey ❀ Thiago Silva ❀ Demba Ba ❀ Steven Gerrard ❀ Frank Lampard ❀ Ashley Cole ❀ Leighton Baines ❀

Non Football

Taylor Swift ✿ Benedict Cumberbatch ✿ Arctic Monkeys ✿ Kristen Stewart ✿ Robert Pattinson ✿ Emma Watson ✿ Jennifer Lawrence ✿ The Hunger Games ✿ Game Of Thrones ✿ Harry Potter ✿ The Avengers ✿ Marvel Movies ✿ Divergent ✿ TFIOS ✿ Kochimuitte Miiko! [comic] ✿ Naruto ✿ Birdy ✿ Lorde ✿ Ariana Grande

HIATUS until I got new laptop | This blog is dedicated for Toni Kroos, but I will also post other things. You will also find a lot of Chelsea FC and Borussia Dortmund


I would kill for a reality show of my favorite football club

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Bastian Schweinsteiger about how much Thomas Müller and Lukas Podolski like to talk (2013) 

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those fans who ruin the whole fandom’s image


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IG Adria Vilanova: What I would give to relive a moment. Happy Birthday Papa, I love you! 46 
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Germany National Team + textposts

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7 years since that celebration

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Toni Kroos interview after Real Madrid vs FC Basel

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Toni Kroos interview after Real Madrid vs FC Basel

Some Updates…

Hello! First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much for you great people that stick with me even though I’m on my hiatus and It’s been a long time since I last udated my tumblr.

I am very busy with my University shits. Very tired goddamit. But I wanted to give you some UPDATES

First, I will be back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.I will update this shitty blog as soon as possible, I will give spam you with my lame edits of Toni Kroos, Germany National Team or Chelsea FC or BVB! alright.

Second, I was thinking that I will deleted this blog since I have very little time to fucking updated this blog. I kinda abandoned this blog and I feel bad… But well, I decided to not delete this blog. hahaha. 

Third, I cant beliee I;m still gaining followers in my hiatus lmao. thank you you!

Fourth, I havent buy the new laptop. And I am sad about that. 


Danke Schoen everyone!!!

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